7’s HERO: Local businesses come together to help Nampa veteran buy, renovate a house

91-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran Lawrence Hewitt needed a place to live. He couldn’t believe it when the community came together to help him find his forever home.

NAMPA, Idaho — Lawrence Hewitt is a 91-year-old U.S. Navy veteran. He lives in Nampa, and he grew up here in the Treasure Valley. 

“I was born and raised in Caldwell,” he said. “I sure have seen a lot of changes here.”

Hewitt joined the military as a young man and served in two wars. In total, he spent 23 years serving his country.

Over the summer, Hewitt met Michael Christianson, a local realtor and owner of Idaho Home Realty.

“He’s a character number one, and at 91 years of age, he’s got some stories and I just immediately took to him right off the bat,” Christianson said. 

They met under stressful circumstances but soon became close friends.

“I met Mr. Hewitt because

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