Neighbors say squatters are running puppy mill out of foreclosed Bay Ridge home

BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn — On one block of Bay Ridge, neighbors said squatters are running a puppy mill inside a foreclosed home, and after reaching out to police and elected officials without any results, they’re now worried the dogs won’t survive the winter.

Jack La Torre has been trying to get the dogs help for months. He called banks, which said the home was in foreclosure — but that they couldn’t do anything about the people living their because of the pandemic eviction moratorium. He’s called elected officials, the NYPD, and animal advocates for help, with minimal success.

“My main concern is the animals,” La Torre said. “The dogs in the shed — it’s not a heated shed. These guys, you know they’re not caring for them properly.”

La Torre regularly hears two Great Danes barking at night when they’re locked inside an unheated shed.
He said since February, a

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San Diego County lakes and their fish, Descanso neighbors feud, Cameron Corners for sale

“I’ve got eight horses at the house,” he tells me, “and two of them on any given day will buck you off if they feel like it." - Image by Sandy Huffaker, Jr.

Photo by Sandy Huffaker, Jr.

“I’ve got eight horses at the house,” he tells me, “and two of them on any given day will buck you off if they feel like it.”

Electric Water, Shocked Fish

The gate below the dam at San Vicente Reservoir in Lakeside is closed when I arrive just before 10:00 o’clock on a late-April morning. The lake is closed to recreational fishing today. But I’m here to see fishing of a different kind, involving neither bait nor hook but electricity.

To the right of the gate, tucked under a grove of trees, stand the offices of San Diego City Lakes, a division of the city’s water department. Offices may be too strong a word for the collection of temporary trailer buildings where I meet Jim Brown, (then) San Diego City Lakes program director. “Why don’t you follow me up to the lake,” says Brown, a

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Tomorrow My Family and Neighbors May Be Forced From Our Homes by Israeli Settlers


A Palestinian woman weeps while Israeli settlers move her family’s belongings from a house in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, Tuesday, December 1, 2009. (Dan Balilty / AP Photo)

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Man critically injured in Plainville condo fire; neighbors, cops inhale smoke during rescue

Despite the efforts of rescuers, a man is in critical condition after he was burned in a fire at his Plainville condo Tuesday, a fire official said.


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Five others — his wife, two neighbors and two police officers — suffered smoke inhalation. The neighbors and officers worked to get the man, who is in his 70s or 80s, out of the condo, Fire Marshal Ronald Dievert said. Everyone except the husband and wife was discharged after being treated at the hospital.

The condo at Parkside Condominiums, 114 South Washington St., was damaged too badly to be lived in, Dievert said. He determined the fire, which started in the kitchen, was an accident.

It started in the kitchen shortly before 5:15 p.m., Dievert said, The woman called out to her husband from the kitchen as the flames began to grow, but the man couldn’t get to the fire extinguisher

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From walking buddies to next-door neighbors, these Chicagoans are moving for the sake of Olive and Lou’s puppy love

Plenty of dog owners will say there are no limits to what they’ll do to ensure their pup pal’s happiness; in Chicago, that notion might actually bear out.

Chicago dog owners topped the list as the most indulgent pet parents, according to a recent survey of 5,000 pet owners in 10 U.S. metropolises by, a pet care booking site.

Nearly nine out of 10 dog owners in Chicago are likely to get their canine charge professionally groomed, while nearly half will go so far as to order up paw pedicures and massages. Chicago dog owners also rank as the second-most obsessed (behind San Francisco), with half saying they choose vacations based on dog inclusivity, while 83% say they miss their four-legged friend as soon as they leave the house.

And in the case of two pampered pups, a trio of Chicagoans have found themselves moving for the sake of

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Owner of Kansas City ‘rat house’ plaguing Plaza area neighbors sentenced to prison

When Carol Dille graduated from Westport High School in 1970, she would leave for college — and later, a successful career with AT&T — as an honor student, co-captain of the varsity cheerleaders, a student government officer and petite and popular homecoming queen attendant.


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On Friday, Dille — now 68 and long known to her exasperated Westwood Park neighbors as the owner of a “rat house” whose infestations have plagued them for at least 20 years — departed federal court downtown, sentenced at 11:30 a.m. to two years in federal prison for wire and bankruptcy fraud.

She was ordered to pay $76,601 in restitution for Social Security benefits she stole over three years from her ex-husband.

In his preamble to delivering the sentence, U.S. District Judge Gregory Kays said that in Social Security cases, prison sentences are not often given to defendants, such as Dille, who are first-time

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Journal Times editorial: County listened to Case Eagle Park neighbors | Editorial

We make critical comments about government, whether local or national, in this space when we think they are warranted. So it’s only fair and appropriate to call attention to good decisions made in government. Another example of the latter took place recently in Racine County.

During a public hearing on the proposed Racine County budget on Oct. 22, County Executive Jonathan Delagrave asked the County Board’s Finance Committee to propose removing the $250,000 for campground planning at Case Eagle Park in Rochester and set it aside for another purpose.

The reason Delagrave provided for that request was that the county received “dozens of letters” from area residents who were concerned about potential “negative impacts” a campground could bring to the park and its surrounding area.

“We take public input seriously and we fully understand and appreciate the concerns from residents in the area. I will be asking the County Board

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A fallout shelter might have caused you to fall out with your neighbors

Back during the Cold War, when it did not seem at all far-fetched that a Soviet nuclear bomb might ruin your day, Glenn Easton’s mother-in-law looked into building a fallout shelter in her backyard.


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“The dealbreaker was when the salesman told her she’d have to buy a gun to keep neighbors from forcing themselves into her shelter in the event of a bomb,” wrote Glenn, of Chevy Chase, Md. “She decided she’d take her chances without a shelter.”

I can safely report that Glenn’s mother-in-law was not killed by an atomic bomb.

[Bunker mentality: Cold War-era fallout shelters are still a feature in some homes]

Nor was Phyllis Naylor of Gaithersburg, Md. After buying a house in Montgomery County in 1967, she and her husband fretted over whether to build a shelter. Newspapers at the time suggested that if bombs were coming, people should head to the Paw

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Interactive map shows how much property tax most Californians pay compared to neighbors

It’s no secret that Proposition 13 has created huge disparities in property taxes in California, but seeing it all laid out on a map is an eye-opener.

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California wildfires force 100,000 from homes in Orange County, neighbors help fire crews

Two major out-of-control wildfires in Southern California have spurred mass evacuations and left two firefighters critically injured as the region faces more dangerous fire weather conditions Tuesday. 

The Silverado Fire in Irvine started early Monday morning before growing to some 7,200 acres with 0% containment. 

“This is a tough fire,” Orange County Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy told reporters Monday afternoon. “We’re experiencing very high winds, very low humidities. This is a very hazardous job.”


Another blaze, the Blue Ridge Fire, grew to some 6,600 acres by Monday night as it threatened hundreds of homes in Yorba Linda. That blaze is also 0% contained. 

Firefighter Raymond Vasquez battles the Silverado Fire Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in Irvine, Calif.

Firefighter Raymond Vasquez battles the Silverado Fire Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in Irvine, Calif.
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Both blazes promoted mass evacuations of more than 100,000 people throughout Orange County as fast-moving flames caused freeways

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