Orlando Investment Property: Will the Purchase of US Property Help to Obtain a US Residency Visa?

The question whether purchasing US property helps to obtain US residency is somewhat confusing, for paradoxically both a yes and no answer can apply.

With many British people seeking such a “sought after” status here is what I have found from my experience involving British buyers.

The E investor visa application is the most popular residency route with immigrants for a suitable new or established US business venture provides a relatively easy path.

However careful research and planning will be necessary to avoid a costly and disappointing outcome.

With many British buying vacation homes in Florida for rental and investment reasons, many ask if their property purchase can help them to obtain US residency status.

Anyone expecting a visa based on the purchase of a single US home will be severely disappointed, for it will never be able to justify a business investment reason.

However a carefully presented visa application … Read More