Ministry organises training course for Qatari real estate brokers

The Ministry of Justice’s Legal and Judicial Studies Centre on Sunday launched a specialised training course for the fourth batch of Qatari real estate brokers, within the framework of licensing procedures under the provisions of Law No. 22 of 2017 regulating real estate brokerage.

The course aims to provide participants with the necessary information and skills to apply the provisions regulating real estate brokerage business in Qatari law by explaining the general provisions of real estate brokerage and the competent authority to regulate and control them as well as the provisions for licensing the practice of real estate brokerage and licensing procedures.
It also aims to introduce to the participants the rights and obligations of the real estate broker and the rules for disciplinary and criminal accountability, explain the general basis of brokerage or mediation contracts and the provisions related to them, and the broker’s obligations in the field of

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