Nearly half of UK homeowners see property price rise overtake cost of yearly upkeep

Nearly half of all homeowners in England have seen their property prices rising more than what it costs them to maintain it over the last year, according to a study by estate agent comparison site,

Home sellers in 43% of areas in England have seen the average property in their region increase in price at a greater rate than the annual cost of property upkeep in that area.

Across England as a whole, the average annual cost of upkeep of a property comes to about £6,046 ($7,938). This includes £1,818 in council tax, £1,139 in energy costs, £397 on water, £146 in insurance and £2,547 in maintenance. 

The average house price in England has gone up by £6,220 to £254,688 in the last year. The rise in price take away the cost of upkeep, which hypothetically leaves the homeowners with £174, according to the study.

This shows “how a

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