Our Place Always Pan Sale 2020 | The Strategist

Photo-Illustration: Retailer

Our Place’s Always Pan has long been recommended to us by detail-obsessed cool people as a kitchen must-have. Stylist Mecca James Williams calls it “one pan that can do everything,” and our own Rio Viera-Newton is another fan; she “long coveted the blush-colored pan” and loves using its included steaming basket to make dumplings (“delightful!”). In addition to the basket, the pan comes with a spatula and is designed with what Rio describes as “a pour spout for sauces,” all things that allow it to function as eight different pieces of cookware, according to the brand. (The pan also comes with a special sponge that makes cleaning it super-simple, adds Strategist writer Louis Cheslaw, another Always Pan owner.) For these reasons, we think the pan at full price is a good investment. But at $50 off, as it is today, we would call it a great investment, whether

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