Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans Project Seeks Partnerships

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A small grassroots organization is making steps providing tiny homes to homeless veterans in the St. Petersburg area.

There are 329 veterans who spend each night in Pinellas County without housing, according to Celebrate Outreach.

Tiny Homes for Homeless Veterans is a project created four years ago through Celebrate Outreach, an organization that helps the homeless population, and in partnership with University of South Florida School of Architecture & Community Design.

After overcoming a number of challenges and learning the best ways to help homeless veterans, the project has completed more than half of its first tiny home, 3516 Third Avenue South in St. Pete.

The organization is striving for partnerships with social service organizations that help homeless veterans. These partnerships will help the organization find homeless veterans who are on the journey of finding permanent housing and place them in a tiny home.

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