A real estate limited partnership is like a private fund that lets you profit passively from large property investments

RELPs offer a chance to invest in real estate. Payoffs may take years, but can be big for those willing to wait.
  • A real estate limited partnership (RELP) is a private investment that pools investors’ funds to buy, develop, and sell properties. 
  • During their lifespan, RELPs may furnish a regular income, but mainly pay profits at the end when their properties sell.
  • Although they offer high returns, RELPs also come with considerable risks, and investors can’t easily unload them.
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Real estate can be an excellent addition to your investments, not only for its own potential for appreciation and income but also for the diversification it brings to a portfolio. There are plenty of ways to gain real estate exposure: You could invest in a rental property or a commercial building, or fix-up and flip a house.

But what happens

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