Best And Worst Days To Buy A House | Personal-finance

However, this all could change if Covid wreaks more havoc on the economy without a relief package to save the day. At any point, unknown numbers of home seekers could rethink whether they want to buy amid such uncertainty, Teta warns.

The Worst Days to Buy a House

The housing market ordinarily speeds up around spring and chugs along into summer. Kids are out of school and people have time to shop around. Many families try to buy a home between May and August.

All of this translates into a lot of buyers competing for the same houses, which drives up prices and leads to more expensive real estate.

The worst day for buying houses, according to ATTOM Data Solutions’ analysis, is June 17, when buyers pay an average of 9.2% over the value of the home.

With more students doing remote learning, it’s tough to predict what buying patterns

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States with the most debt | Personal-finance

Household debt is a reality for most Americans, whether a mortgage, credit cards, or car and student loans. A state’s tanking economy and job loss can force people into foreclosures and defaults on loans. They might even see their cars or other vehicles repossessed.

Here, Stacker ranks states with the most debt, as measured by what is owed per capita and a state’s median income. The figures were calculated before the coronavirus pandemic threw the U.S. economy into a tailspin. The debt also is placed in the context of each state’s economy, whether unemployment rates, uninsured residents, top industries, or numbers living in poverty.

Texas had the highest real GDP growth for 2019 at 4.4%, but other states had highly educated populations or high numbers of residents with health insurance, other markers of a healthy economy. In Massachusetts, for example, 42.9% of residents 25 or older have at least a

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