State announces contractor for first phase of I-10 widening in Baton Rouge | State Politics

State officials said Monday they have picked a contractor to handle the first phase of the widening of often congested Interstate 10 between LA. 415 and the I0/12 split.

The work will be done by Kiewit/Boh, a joint venture and one of three firms that submitted qualifications to the state Department of Transportation and Development.

Construction is set to start in late 2022.

The overhaul is being financed with federal bonds, with the state repaying the money by using a portion of its annual federal allocation of dollars.

The first installment on a $650 million highway borrowing plan, including major projects in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, won easy approval Thu…

The first, which does not cover the entire, is estimated to cost $716 million.

State officials have long touted the proo

The initial allocation of borrowing is $360 million.

“Since 2016 this administration has been bold in our efforts

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The next phase in the evolution of real estate investment

Other benefits to raising capital through a real estate fund: It allows you to attract larger commitments from larger investors, and it helps you to build relationships with institutional investors and gain their trust. This gives you added marketplace creditability and attracts others to invest alongside them.

This means larger funds, more capital to invest, better investment opportunities, more management fees and momentum for the next fund.

When launching a real estate fund, there are critical questions fund managers should ask themselves before they approach investors. For example, what is the real estate fund’s clearly defined strategy? In what types of assets will the fund invest? What class of properties? What geographies? What are the targeted returns? What is the execution plan to generate the targeted returns?

To sell to potential investors, fund managers should be prepared to show their performance records on deals compared to industry benchmarks. This will

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