A confession from an organizer: My home isn’t picture perfect

I have a confession: My house is not perfectly organized all the time. My cereal is not arranged by color, I need to do some filing, and my kitchen island has a few items on it that don’t belong there.

But I can find everything, and my family knows where to put their masks, coats and school supplies, because there are designated spaces for each. I also generally know what I have in the house and what we need, and I can usually tidy up in less than 20 minutes when we’re expecting guests (even though that’s not a thing right now).

Sometime in the past decade, home organization morphed into an industry filled with impossibly clean and sterile staged photos of closets, pantries and kitchens curated and set up just so, to be shared on social media. Yes, these images are aspirational. Yes, they are beautiful. But they are

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