Florida sunshine and fewer restrictions

PALM CITY, Fla. — Dawn Kamus and her husband are planning to build an addition to their new home after settling down in Florida.

“We just fell in love with this neighborhood, fell in love with the people, fell in love with the weather,” Kamus said Friday.

Kamus bought the home in Palm City four months ago in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic after raising her children in California.

She said the weather, family in the area and fewer coronavirus-related restrictions is what lured her to the Sunshine State.

Dawn Kamus, moved to Palm City during pandemic


Dawn Kamus moved to Palm City in the midst of the pandemic. “Florida is a great place because it is more open than others,” she says.

“Florida is a great place because it is more open than others and the weather is great,” Kamus said.

The housing market is still booming, with many people leaving places like New York

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Sunshine coast farm sitting on alluvial sand worth $1billion goes up for sale

Farm sitting on ‘buried treasure’ worth $1billion goes up for sale – but it will take a very specific buyer to unlock its true value

  • A cattle farm in Meridian Plains, QLD, is sitting on $1billion worth of alluvial sand
  • The deposit is the biggest found in the state and could supply QLD for decades
  • The site is tipped to sell for $7-10 million, but could generate millions if mined

A cattle farm sitting on $1billion worth of sand has been placed on the market.

The Meridan Plains property, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, has spent the past few decades as a cattle fattening operation – despite holding the biggest deposit of alluvial sand ever discovered in the state. 

Now the 208 hectare chunk of land is up for sale and

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The Sunshine Economy: Race, Real Estate And A Recovery

Don Peebles had never seen a real estate deal that required a Black developer before he came to Miami Beach in the mid-1990s. He already was a successful and wealthy developer in Washington D.C. He was familiar with projects that were geared toward women and minority developers, but one that specifically called for a Black developer — that was a first.

“I thought, ‘Wow, what could they have possibly done to make things so bad that they need to do this?'” he said.

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What happened was Nelson Mandela. In the summer of 1990, Mandela was touring the United States after being released from 27 years in a South African prison. He was due to visit Miami and the city planned to celebrate

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Sunshine Coast nudist retreat in Noosa goes up for sale

The owner of a Sunshine Coast nudist retreat has bared all as he prepares to sell his beloved piece of paradise – and so have his real estate agents.

Rainer Mueckenberger, 71, who has been a practising nudist since he was a teenager, is finally putting the controversial Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat on the market, The Courier-Mail reports.

The 2.5-acre property and business in the Noosa hinterland, surrounded by a seven-foot fence to ensure guests’ privacy, comes complete with BDSM rooms and offers courses on bondage.

One room dubbed The Cave features voice-activated lights, a giant bubble bath and ropes, handles and oils.

“Here, everything is confidential. It’s safe, secure and private,” the German businessman told the paper. “Whatever you want to do here you can, as long as it is adult consenting activities.”

Mr Mueckenberger was tight-lipped on his clientele but hinted there may have been the odd famous

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