Being A Sustainable Real Estate Business Can Help You Hire The Best New Workers


One Central Park, a green multi-use building in Sydney, Australia, was celebrated for its sustainable design.

Allen Morris Co., a Fort Lauderdale-based firm that focuses on commercial development, has become known across Florida for a portfolio of more creative office projects that focus on sustainability. In the last decade, the firm has developed 4M SF of LEED-certified buildings in the Southeast.

But ask Director of Construction Scott Flately if Allen Morris is using its sustainable focus as a talent attraction tool and he’ll pause. He believes that over the last few years, many new hires have sought out the firm based on its body of work. 

“The younger generation does probably think about sustainability more,” Flately said. “I never thought about it as a way to attract talent. To be honest, I don’t think we do enough of it, and we need to be doing more.”

Sustainability has become a

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Where Blue Meets Green: Sustainable Waterfront Homes

Waterfront living brings one closer to the healing blue of oceans, lakes and rivers. But what about helping to actually heal the earth? Experts say interest in waterfront green living may be on the rise.

“Based on my experience and in talking to other realtors, homeowners today who are buying a primary or vacation home by the water are paying more attention to sustainability,” said Seth Tilton, a realtor for ERA Evergreen Real Estate Company in Hilton Head, S.C., and a certified expert in sustainable real estate. “There is a lot more awareness about overall wellness than ever before and green living is a part of that.”

Most of these buyers gravitate to recently built homes, Mr. Tilton said, because they’re more likely to be eco-friendly than older ones. “A property that’s 20 or 30 years old doesn’t usually incorporate sustainability, unless it has been extensively renovated, because there wasn’t

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Mighty Buildings’ 3D-Printed Homes Points To The Future Of Sustainable Housing

There is a problem with housing in this country. From decades of bad public housing policy to retrofitting the suburbs for sustainability to near consistent affordable housing shortages, we have to start looking at more innovative housing solutions. Not looking to solve all that, but certainly falling somewhere within the mix is Mighty Buildings, an Oakland based company 3D-printing generally affordable homes. All you have to do is find a place to put them.

Which, isn’t too far fetched a concept. People are building apartments in their backyards and from a luxury standpoint, offices or extra rooms in the backyard. Like container homes, 3D printed homes seek to offer a generally affordable alternative to a small, sustainable home created in a non-traditional manner. 3D-printed homes are not a new concept but have mostly been stuck in the conceptual phase until recently.

Mighty Buildings built

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Sustainable 1-bedroom condo in Denver’s only ‘agrihood’

“This is THE hottest downtown neighborhood,” says broker Leilani Renteria with West & Main, about RiNo and its dining scene along Walnut and Larimer Streets, north of the Ballpark District.  She lives a block east in S*Park, completed last year between RiNo and Curtis Park as Denver’s only ‘agrihood’—with a professionally run greenhouse and lots of places to grow your own consumables.  She has a 1-bedroom condo to show you there today by appointment that’s a rare resale in the project.

The ‘S’ in S*Park is for sustainability; with very contemporary architecture by Tres Birds Workshop that wraps a half-acre gated central park, providing lots of community garden options (Renteria grew Japanese plum

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