How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome in Sales

Some say that sales professionals wear many hats. It might be more accurate to say they put on many faces.

The fact is that the outgoing, friendly, anything-for-the-customer persona that sort of defines sales pros doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. Some may become a character of sorts while they’re working so clients and potential customers will believe that is their true personality.

If it really isn’t, though, is it wrong to simply be yourself to conduct your sales calls using your authentic personality and behavior?

The fact is that the “typical” salesperson doesn’t fit into the stereotypical notion┬áthat people have of them at all. Most are not fast-talking go-getters who are always “up.” An awful lot of sales pros would not consider themselves great public speakers. They’re not pushy, slick, hilarious or quick on their feet.

In fact, lots of sales pros are genuinely helpful people who believe

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