Pandemic lessons on human nature from a math teacher

If pandemic models didn’t see COVID fatigue coming, this indicates that the pool of experts our leaders are relying on may include plenty of doctors, scientists and statisticians — but it’s lacking people who understand human nature.

Daily briefings now focus on the number of new infections. We are being lectured to stay home, except when it is absolutely necessary to go out. We get the usual reminders: distance, wash, mask. Many people have been doing these things conscientiously since the beginning.

Anyone still listening to the daily briefings has already bought in. It’s like a teacher reprimanding a class for performing poorly on a test. The students who are listening often scored well. The students who didn’t perform well might not have the resources to improve. And then there are the ones who didn’t even show up.

Lecturing doesn’t help anyone, and you risk losing everyone. A different approach

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