Classic Country Pub With Mini-Golf Course For Sale Has Buyers Teed Up

A modern country pub operating in one of New Zealand’s
premier year-round outdoor adventure and tourism regions –
coming complete with its own 18-hole mini-golf course – has
been placed on the market for sale.

Schnapps Bar in
the centre of the North Island is located near the pivotal
junction of State Highways 47 leading into and out of
Tongariro National Park, and the north to south routed State
Highway 4.

Bar, 2 Findlay Street

With World
Heritage status, nearby Tongariro National Park is New
Zealand’s oldest national park. Situated just a few
hundred metres from National Park’s only petrol station
and grocery store, Schnapps Bar is one of only a few
licensed hospitality premises operating in the

The freehold land, buildings, and going concern
Schnapps Bar and mini-golf businesses at 2 Findlay Street
are all being

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