Foreclosures, Teen Pregnancy : NPR

Listeners comment on home foreclosures and weigh in on how parents’ lives are changed when their teenager becomes pregnant.


It’s Tuesday, the day we read from your emails and blog comments. The dismal economy continues to be the big story this week. And we talked yesterday about the American dream turned nightmare. What happens when the bank forecloses on your house? Wayne called in to tell us that when he was foreclosed on in the 1980s, he lost not only his home but also 12,000 dollars in taxes he owed the IRS. As he explained it, the amount of money that you owed the bank but didn’t pay was considered a taxable gain. What we didn’t know was if that’s still the case today.

Charles in Pleasanton, California, emailed us to clarify. Unfortunately, your caller’s situation was all too common. As counterintuitive as it may sound prior

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