Austin buyer positions Bellaire office building for new tenants

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Despite the CDC’s Eviction Ban, Thousands of Tenants Are Losing Their Homes


Maricopa County constable Darlene Martinez knocks on a door before posting an eviction order on October 1, 2020 in Phoenix, Ariz. (John Moore / Getty Images)

On the first of

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NYC Rent Dips Slightly As Tenants Move To Larger Homes

NEW YORK CITY — The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of life, including where and how people live.

A new study from shows New York City tenants’ desires have changed over the course of the pandemic, and they are now on the hunt for more spacious and affordable apartments that better accommodate working from home.

One thing that could be to blame, according to data, is that tenants are moving out of smaller, costlier units and instead searching for larger living spaces that are better suited to multi-family living scenarios and work-from-home jobs.

Online search data backs up the suspicion — at the onset of the pandemic, searches for apartments in Manhattan fell while those in other boroughs rose.

An analysis suggests Manhattan residents in March were looking to leave the city’s densest areas while still staying nearby.

As the pandemic continued in June and

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Cars towed, locks changed on Tampa Park tenants struggling to find new homes

TAMPA — Demetric Freedom had just arrived back from his dialysis appointment when there was a knock at the door.

Outside was a maintenance crew and armed security guards. Ten minutes later, the locks on his one-bedroom apartment had been changed. All he managed to get out with were his wallet and phone charger, he said.

One day after a deadline to leave had expired, the landlord at Tampa Park Apartments changed the locks on apartments and towed tenants’ cars.

Some, like 71-year-old David Wilson, got home from work Monday to find a wooden board nailed over the keyhole. Wilson had planned to move out that evening, anyway.

Others like Freedom still haven’t found a place to live. The nonprofit hired by Hillsborough County to help residents relocate offered him places in Lakeland, Lutz and East Hillsborough, he said. But Freedom doesn’t own a car and needs to live close

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Landlord headache: Bedok condo tenants allegedly owe $60k in rent, refuse to move out, Singapore News

It’s never pleasant when a guest overstays their welcome. What more when they’re tenants who simply refuse to leave.

One landlord’s attempt to evict his tenants on Tuesday morning (Oct 27) turned nasty when they called the cops on him, accusing him of assault and harassment. The police confirmed the incident, adding that investigations are ongoing.

The landlord and his cousin had been trying to saw open the front gate of the unit, located in Bedok Court, when the tenants allegedly doused him with water and called the police for assistance, Lianhe Wanbao reported.

The tenants, who were not identified, allegedly owe over $60,000 in rent and have refused to move out or pay up, the landlord — a 60-year-old businessman — told the Chinese daily.

“Before they moved in, they paid one month’s rent. But every time I ask for money from them, they give all sorts of reasons

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Court-ordered sale of infamous Richmond industrial property leaves tenants hanging

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The new owner of the building, according to land title documents, is Bayshore Canada Ventures ULC, which bought the property for $10.3 million in a court-ordered sale that closed on Sept. 23.

The court-ordered case was launched in October 2018 by mortgage lender and Vancouver businessman Michael Averbach after the terms of his companies’ loan to Braut, made in 1996, had expired with about $4.3 million, plus accrued interest, still outstanding.

After a remediation period, the court ordered a sale of the property in February 2020, according to case documents.

Commercial brokers put the property onto the market just before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown started, listing it as having over 31,000-square feet on just under an acre of land.

More than $7 million in proceeds from the sale of the property went immediately to paying outstanding property tax, rental arrears, and mortgage payments owed to Averbach and

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