Themed Vacation Rentals: Turning a Property Into an Experience

Differentiation is a key pillar of any short-term rental business. With the rise in Airbnb and vacation rentals, we’re seeing more supply come online. Despite the short-term negative consequences of the pandemic on the industry, this real estate asset class bounced back nicely, thanks to a dramatic rise in domestic travel.

With mass vaccination imminent, many Airbnb and short-term rental managers are starting to think more strategically about their business and properties. For those looking to pivot, turning your Airbnb into a themed rental may be a good differentiation opportunity.

Indeed, Airbnb is all about experiences; tours, classes, hikes, and the list goes on. But with the onset of the pandemic, many had to rethink and retool their offerings. Something to consider: What if you could use a theme to make the property itself feel like an experience? Let’s take a closer look at the Airbnb themed trend and if

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