Victor Garibay Shares His Thoughts On Commercial Real Estate Industry Post Pandemic

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Victor Garibay is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of today’s generation. He is very optimistic and has very positive qualities which makes him different from others. Victor was born in Mexico City and brought up in Seattle, WA. He has based himself in sunny Los Angels, CA. Victor has produced TV Shows & programs, worked with artists, musicians and endless social media stars. He’s experience goes all the way from Entrepreneurship, real estate, food and refreshment to entertainment. He’s worked in so many different fields and has a lot of experience all together.
Victor Garibay began his career in Real estate first and then afterward ventured out as business visionary. Putting resources into new businesses and startups, taking an interest in social media, which would in the long run lead him to entertainment. Garibay became an accomplice and collaborator where he went into Executive Produce TV and Film ventures. 

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