I’m Tired of Broken Smart Homes

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Photo: Gizmodo

While smart homes can be pretty convenient, they also require a certain type of never-ending vigilance. Specifically, you have to keep up with which companies support what platforms, and if any mergers or acquisitions have royally screwed your entire setup. Then, you have to decide whether you’re going to go through the hassle of figuring out an alternative way to keep everything you have working the way it was, or if it’s just easier to reinvest entirely in another platform.

Case in point: Google buying Nest. While that $3.2 billion acquisition happened six long years ago, in the before times of 2014, Nest founder Tony Fadell promised that nothing about the day-to-day operation of Nest would change. And for five years, that was mostly true. Then at last year’s Google I/O, Google killed Nest as everybody knew it, rebranding it Google Nest and announcing

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