Tech And Tokenization Rise To Real Estate’s COVID-19 Challenge

Technology has accelerated a trend in the last few years to tokenize illiquid assets such as real estate. Dividing properties into shares to be bought and traded may have started out as a novel experiment to empower more people to invest in buildings that they could never afford to own outright. But now this fractional ownership model is crucial to helping save sectors of the real estate market.

As the commercial and retail real estate sectors reel from the impact of COVID-19, opening opportunities for new investors by lowering the barriers to entry into luxury properties is essential to energize a market so vital to economies around the world.

COVID-19 has upended many industries and left investors with scant opportunities to earn returns with their money. Real estate would normally attract investors seeking higher profits but this year the sector has suffered some devastating blows from repeated COVID-19 lockdowns. Millions

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