We Must Plan Today To Build Tomorrow’s Downtown

Erik Hayden is the Founder and Managing Partner of Urban Catalyst.

The temptation to pause new commercial real estate projects is strong when demand seems weak. Believe me, I get it. I have seven projects in the pre-construction phase in an opportunity zone in downtown San Jose, California. 

But we must keep building today for the downtowns of tomorrow. The Covid-19 crisis will pass and the economy will recover. People will return to offices, eat in restaurants, gather at bars, travel and stay in hotels. After all, most of us are social creatures drawn to vibrant city life.

As people return to work and public places, we need to meet them with innovative designs that make buildings healthier, more sustainable and flexible. Real estate developers aren’t stopping; we are adapting. 

I’ve been speaking with architects, engineers, interior designers and materials suppliers. I’ve also exchanged ideas with industry leaders

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