ROXBURY — Three small and dying potted yellow Chrysanthemums on the brick front steps do very little to cheer up the run-down, long-vacant Tom’s Diner with its chipping paint and rusted exterior.

Nonetheless, the owner once again is talking about reopening the small, quintessential diner in the middle of an empty lot along Route 46 in Ledgewood.

Built-in the 1930’s and featured in Cyndi’s Lauper’s “Time After Time” video, the diner’s walls are decaying, bearing patches of exposed aluminum and overgrown weeds on the property. 

Tom’s Diner on Route 46 by the Ledgewood Circle. Tom’s Diner along Route 46 in Roxbury has been closed since 2004. Third-generation owner Tom Seretis has tried to restore the diner since then, but says money problems have prevented him from doing so. Now he’s in court with the town after violating the town’s Vacant Property Ordinance. (Photo: Chris Pedota, Today Network)