40 Best Cyber Monday Furniture Deals to Transform Your Home in 2020

While many of us are brainstorming new ways to spend our winter nights at home this season, there’s no better time to think about ways to upgrade your living space. Investing in items both small and large can help elevate the rooms where you spend the most amount of time—and provide a fresh new start for 2021.

The best Cyber Monday sales offer a plethora of options to help spruce up any space as we head into another season of at-home multitasking—when the kitchen is a culinary stage but also a yoga studio and game room. After moving into a new apartment earlier this year, I, for one, have been eyeing a few new larger furniture investments like a new couch and home office setup alongside a few smaller tabletop and bedroom touches.

If you’re like me and hoping to start the new year with not only a fresh space,

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‘Should I Stay or Go’: Heather and Brad buy ‘worst built house’, can they transform it into a masterpiece?

Heather and Brad Fox have always focused on keeping the original house as much as possible, but their latest project landed them in trouble. In the latest episode (November 21) of the show, Heather and Brad met up with their clients Ryan and Lianna. The pair have been dating for a couple of years, and even though marriage is on the cards, they want to buy their dream home before walking down the aisle.

The house they currently stayed in had two bedrooms and two baths. However, they wanted a bigger space for them to live in and a home where they could grow their family. At first, Heather and Brad gave them the option of renovating their current house to turn it into a four-bedroom house. However, one thing that bothered them about their house was the busy street that came along with it. Ryan and Lianna wanted a

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