‘Buyers like to add value’: Tips and tricks to get the best price when selling your house

Ray White chief operating officer Daniel Coulson, said it’s important sellers don’t go overboard personalising their home. Leaving a job for the new owners also isn’t a bad idea.

“The trick with preparing a property for sale is staying away from personalising the home too much: it should have as broad appeal as possible,” Coulson said. 

“Most buyers like the idea of being able to ‘add some value’, it can actually be beneficial to leave something for the next owner to do,” he added.

Focus on street appeal, the kitchen, bathroom/s and wardrobes

As first impressions are at the curbside, there are a few simple ways sellers can add value.

“Affordable options for maximising value include tidying gardens and paving, fixing up the front fence and painting the front door,” Coulson said. 

Homeowners with bigger budgets and more time could focus on upgrading the kitchen, bathroom/s and wardrobes.

“Kitchens, bathrooms

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Beware These 7 Tricks Real Estate Agents Use

For most people, real estate agents are a necessary part of buying or selling a house. They know the industry inside and out and make the task a lot easier for you.

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But as with any special service or skill you pay for, what you don’t know can cost you. Some real estate agents are terrific. But others can be a bit sneaky.


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Here are five things you should know about how at least some real estate agents behave.

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1. They use creative wording

Real estate agents word their advertisements in a way to cover up flaws and get you to view a house, possibly wasting your time. For example, “charming” may really mean “old,” while “cozy” means “small.”

Always read between the lines, and search online

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