Supreme T-shirt collection on sale by Christie’s for about $2 million

The most complete collection of Supreme T-shirts is being offered for sale at Christie’s for about $2 million, highlighting the soaring value of the luxury streetwear brand and the growing importance of a new generation in the collectibles world.

The T-shirt collection is the only complete set of Supreme’s “box-logo” T-shirts, which were released since 1994, known to exist. The collection features 253 shirts, which works out to an average of more than $7,900 per T-shirt.

The collection is being offered as a private sale, meaning a buyer would purchase it directly from Christie’s rather than through auction. The exact asking price is not public, but Christie’s said the collection is valued at over $2 million.

It’s being featured to promote Christie’s first-ever auction dedicated to Supreme, which started as a single skateboard shop in downtown Manhattan and became a global streetwear sensation. Supreme was recently acquired by VF Corp.

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