5 unclaimed goats are now for sale by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office

a cow eating hay in a fenced in area

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The Utah County Sheriff’s Office has five goats for sale that were abandoned.

While the first priority of the sheriff’s office is to find the livestock owners, when it is not always possible, the animals are put up for auction.

The sheriff’s office said it relies on animal owners to check shelters for lost livestock but when its department can’t find an owner within 5 days, then the process of having an auction takes place. Typically this process takes 2-3 weeks for the auction to close. But we have had low participation rates for our auctions, with some animals – horses, cattle, goats – selling for as little as $10, the sheriff’s office reported.

We are not concerned about revenue, as the costs of keeping the animals is typically much more than what they sell for at auction. But we want more people

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