How To Speak To Your Client’s Underlying Desires During A Sale

Best-Selling Author; Keynote Speaker; Founder of TriggerPoint, a Behavioral Research & Design Consultancy.

Imagine this scenario: You’re the owner of a small bookstore and a new customer comes in to check out your store. They browse a few areas and finally stop at your new releases. You can tell they’re excited as they pick up a number of books, looking for just the right one.

You know you’ve just won the sale, but then, out of nowhere, they put their books down, smile at you and walk out without purchasing anything. What just happened?

This scenario plays out countless times each week across every business sector. Your company’s products and services are what your customers want, so why do so many customers fail to pull the purchase trigger even though they show great interest?

I believe the answer lies in how the product was positioned to your potential customer.

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