Maryland, D.C. unemployed wait months for jobless benefits that haven’t arrived

And ever since Kimberly Phillips’s family dropped from two incomes to one, the Olney resident has been negotiating with the water company to avoid a shut-off.

The Maryland residents — who never envisioned filing for unemployment and never had to until this year — are among tens of thousands of jobless residents in their state and the District whose benefits are tangled in red tape.

They have made endless phone calls and sent volumes of emails that have largely gone unanswered, and they find themselves in an anxiety-ridden waiting game with overwhelmed government bureaucracies.

“It’s a gut-wrenching time,” said Duncan, who received money for several weeks then watched his benefits stop for a still-unexplained reason. “As an attorney for some 50 years, I’m used to being the squeaky wheel when I need to be, but it’s not even possible in this kind of circumstance.”

Eight months into the pandemic, residents

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I’m Unemployed. Can I Still Buy A House Or Refinance?

Can you get a mortgage on unemployment?

Bad news first. If you were recently laid off due to the COVID pandemic, or otherwise, your unemployment income can’t be used to qualify for a mortgage.

But don’t give up on your home buying plans just yet.

It’s possible to buy a house very soon after returning to work — or even before you start a new job if you have a strong offer letter.

If you keep your finances in order while unemployed, this brief period out of work shouldn’t stop you from buying a house once you’re back on your feet.

Check your home buying eligibility today (Nov 9th, 2020)

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Unemployment income and mortgages

If you’re currently on unemployment, your lender most likely won’t be able to use your unemployment income towards qualifying for a home loan.

The reason? It comes down to the way

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