Uniqlo Women’s Seamless Down Parka Sale 2020 | The Strategist

Photo-Illustration: retailer

For the past week or so, it’s been unseasonably warm, but that doesn’t mean the weather won’t cool down — and fast. To prepare for frigid strolls and windy outdoor dining, it’s likely time to invest in a quality coat, and this down puffer from Uniqlo just happens to be on sale today. It comes in four colors — black, coral, white, and blue — all of which are over 20 percent off, and it goes up to XXL. While some down coats tend to be heavy and too hot, this one promises to be exceptionally lightweight, with more than one reviewer comparing the heft and warmth to a duvet. Even better, it has a removable hood as well as windproof and water-repelling technology to keep you cozy all winter long.

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