5 point plan launched to tackle ‘unsustainable’ North Wales ‘second homes crisis’

There are five things that need to be done to alleviate the second homes crisis in North West Wales according to Plaid Cymru.

Over a third of homes sold in Gwynedd and Anglesey in the last financial year were purchased as second properties.

Plaid Cymru have now said that the time has come for the Welsh Government to “take firm action”.

The Welsh Government said it was already doing that and was on target to build 20,000  affordable homes across the country.

But Plaid has called for immediate action and recently published a report containing five main action points to prevent the holiday homes situation in the North West from “spiralling further out of control”.

Plaid Cymru’s shadow housing minister Delyth Jewell MS has spoken out on the issue saying that people all over Wales are fully aware of the “unsustainable holiday homes situation” in the area.

She said: “Twelve

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