How To Use Reverse Wholesaling For Your Real Estate Venture

Kent Clothier, a national leader in the real estate investing industry, is the Founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide (REWW).

If you’re just getting started in real estate, you’re likely still working a full-time job while pursuing this new venture on the side. You may want to make the leap to a full-fledged real estate business, but you need cash. In looking for a way to start generating revenue, consider reverse wholesaling.

In a wholesaling scenario, a wholesaler puts a contract on a property before finding an appropriate buyer. The final sale price is typically a bit more than the list price as a way to pay the wholesaler for their time and effort. Reverse wholesaling, as its name suggests, reverses this process. Buyers are found first, followed by properties.

I discovered this way of conducting business in real estate and wrote a book detailing strategies for entering

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Wholesaling Real Estate In Six Easy Daily Checklists

We ran the largest real estate wholesaling business in the world wholesaling properties to investors in 280 US markets and the entire wholesaling process can be broken down into 6 easy to implement daily checklists. Here they are in order of importance and, coincidentally, the order you should work them each day.

First, you need to remind yourself daily the direction you are heading in and what you want to achieve. Stephen Covey says, “begin with the end in mind,” and so we want to review our goals, empowering daily questions and affirmations first. It should only take 5 or 10 minutes but it sets the tone for the entire day and is a critical, often overlooked, first step.

Second, and this is a big one, you need to take care of all your marketing. When wholesaling real estate you need to focus on marketing in a few major categories: … Read More