Thanks For Adding Some Joy To Life

Published: Oct 06, 2020 09:52 AM

To the Editor:

We have all had to give up so much since COVID emerged in March. Family visits, travel… And it is the absence of the arts, live performances, choral rehearsals, art galleries, the book sale, the Arts Festival, even the Labor Day Parade, that has taken even more of the joy out of life.

And so we thank Newtown Parks and Recreation for their live concerts in the park all summer. And the six-foot circles they created so we could listen safely.

And we thank Paula Brinkman, and the three artists she recruited — Julia Sikes-Provey, Dave Brooker, and Kristine Humber — to create eight “Doors to the Future” at Washington Square, Fairfield Hills (off Keating Farms Road). The doors are attached to the entrances on four duplexes not currently in use.

Underwritten by the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission, the eight “doors” reflect modern design, bright stripes, nighttime dreams, and fairytale/mystical gardens.

We also thank the Newtown Department of Public works, who installed the doors. We thank DNR Laboratories and Don Gamsjager, who lent their truck for the transport of the eight-foot-tall finished doors. And we thank Don Wisman for helping with the transport and installation.

We have been delighted to see visitors taking selfies in front of the doors, especially with their dogs. E-mail me at [email protected] with a picture of you at the doors (and don’t forget to add your dog) and we will make you (and your dog) semi-famous on our Facebook page.

Laura E. Lerman

Chairman, Newtown Cultural Arts Commission

55 Main Street, Newtown October 6, 2020

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