What Are Cosmicubes In Among Us

What Are Cosmicubes In Among Us. Grab special cosmetics through among us’ new cosmicube feature “cosmicubes are a new way for you to get exclusive cosmetics and show off your gear,” innersloth says. Beans can be used to purchase items, bundles, and cosmicubes.

Among Us Cosmicubes Update Out Now, Adds New Roles And Currencies from newsworldinside.com

The cosmicube serve as a new way to obtain exclusive cosmetics to customize our characters, so that with them we can get costumes, hats and much more. The update was announced as part of an emergency meeting broadcast, which you can watch. Pods are the only currency players can use to unlock the contents of a cosmicube.

Here Is The Breakdown Of Cosmicubes And How The New Currency System Will Work In The Game, As Shared By The Developers:

Featuring a whole new way of playing the game, plus fun cosmetics and ways to show off you. Developer innersloth has revealed that the new cosmicubes update for among us is now live, and it brings new roles, currencies, and more to the online social multiplayer game. As players begin collecting enough beans and.

Cosmicubes Work A Bit Differently Than The Loot Systems In Other Games, So They Might Take A.

Airship pods unlock cosmicubes and within those cubes are cosmetics and other pieces of content to use elsewhere in among us. We've outlined how the shapeshifter works already, but the three other roles are: Each individual cosmicube holds a cosmetic item and can only be unlocked using a specific pod.

Purchasing Cosmicubes Is Done By Spending Beans (Or Stars, Among Us’ Premium Currency).

It just got a whole lot bigger. Among us also deployed a new cosmetic system through cosmicubes, elaborate branching cosmetic trees of themed items. The airship cabin unlocks the cosmic cubes.

Beans Can Be Used To Purchase Items, Bundles, And Cosmicubes.

These pods are earned while you play a game of among us, and only if you have activated that specific cosmicube. An indie darling that especially blew up due to its ability to bring people together during. Among us' november 2021 update includes innersloth's take on a battle pass system, cosmicubes, but its twist makes something far more accessible.

All These New Currencies Can Also Be Used In The “Between Us” Shop In The Game, Where You Can Purchase Additional Cosmetics And More.

These cosmetics include customized hats, skins, pets. Among us gets a paid cosmetics store one of the biggest features of the cosmicubes update is the introduction of a shop for paid cosmetics. The cosmicubes have a star or bean requirement.

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