What Herbs Should I Give To Aitor In Dying Light 2 Answered

What Herbs Should I Give To Aitor In Dying Light 2 Answered. Then you’ll be presented with the remaining three options and will be free to choose as you see fit. Regardless of your past choices, you will run into aitor one other time shortly after.

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I give aitor the small petals. Speak to a doctor and you will need to make several choices that will affect your rewards and end result. How to get custom gamer pictures on xbox one.

You Have To Choose Which Petals To Give Aitor, Or If You Should Even Give Him Anything At All.

Now, should you want him to survive, then you’re going to want to give him the small herbs or call lawan to get help. After which, the doctor will simply ask you to leave. #dyinglight2 #gameplay #cutscenebig thanks to techland for sending me a copy of this game.*game description* the virus won and civilization has fallen back.

This Walkthrough Will Walk You Through Everything You Need To Know About “Saving Aitor Or Letting Him Die” Choices In The Side Quest Aitor.

Giving aitor the small petals of the recluse plant will heal him and save his life. Giving aitor the small petals during his side quest in dying light 2 is actually the way to go if you plan on saving him. Refuse to give aitor the herbs:

Here Are Your Four Decisions:

Don’t receive information about aitor’s involvement with margaret. I give aitor the big petals. After a short cutscene you can leave the room and you’ll get a call from jack matt that aitor made it out just fine.

How To Save Aitor In Dying Light 2.

Aitor’s wife, patricia, is against this, calling margaret a witch. Dying light 2’s aitor side quest unlocks shortly after your arrival on the pk’s floating fortress in the wharf region. After you have found the herbs to give to aitor, you return to him and have a choice to save.

Then You’ll Be Presented With The Remaining Three Options And Will Be Free To Choose As You See Fit.

After you track down margaret and convince her to help you, you find some flower petals to. He is sick and needs your help. Choosing to give aitor the large.

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