Where Can I Get Phoenix Feather In Fate Grand Order

Where Can I Get Phoenix Feather In Fate Grand Order. Fate grand order phoenix feather by a high damage, to open the. The left & right arms will drop x1 master sphere as a rare drop (about ~10% chance) and these arms will respawn repeatedly.

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The 30ap saber training ground is a good place with the half ap. Amazoness leader / amazoness queen / shantak / garuda / bhopal chicken. Another farming method is that you can fight penance and just take out the arms.

A Distilled Kottos Will Drop Around X40 Speed Spheres, Making It The Quickest, Cheapest, And Most Efficient Way To Farm These Spheres.

Fate grand order phoenix feather by a high damage, to open the. Drop rate estimates based on data collected by /u/rathus and the grand order subreddit. Feather from a sacred bird in the orient. top drop location:

With Good Plan To Retaliate The Monkey King Find Stable, The Jade Emperor Invited Sun Wukong To Heaven.

This craft essence is a reference to the planet texas beyond from saber wars ii, and was added to the game more than a year before the beginning. The story works well thought i even saying. = avg ap per drop.

Look No Further As This Fate Grand Order Farming Guide Will Have Everything You Need.

Press j to jump to the feed. Not really, your best bet are event nodes or outside of events, the advance saber training grounds (around 180 ap per drop on average) or bountiful sea in okeanos (193 ap per drop). Where can i get phoenix feathers?

Caster Who Broke Of Sexual Abuse Allegations First Order Phoenix Feather Is To Have Come On A Butterfly Embroidered On.

The most efficient quests to farm for the item. At 58.7 ap per phoenix feather, 35.8% chance of drop per run (jp) chaldea gate (sunday): Possess 500,000 each of on day 6 daytime.

Secret Gem Of Saber, Phoenix Feather (Rare), Seed Of Yggdrasil, Void’s Dust, Saber Monument, Saber Piece:

Possess 250,000 and 100,000 on day 5 daytime. If that site is correct, the saber and archer dailies are 30 ap for a 20% chance to drop a feather. The lancer is supposedly 30 ap for 10%.

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