Where To Find Cecilia In Genshin Impact

Where To Find Cecilia In Genshin Impact. You can grow 8 cecilia. Cecilia is a flower in genshin impact.it is a local specialty of mondstadt and can be used as a material to craft the anemoculus resonance stone.cecilias can also be used for character ascension, specifically for albedo and venti.

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Farming cecilias is one of the simplest things you'll do in all of genshin impact. From there you can buy them from her for a bit of currency. The flowers can be bought from flora in the city of mondstadt.

It Only Grows Where Harsh Winds Blow, And Is Just As Intangible As The True Heart.

The flower only spawns in this area and it'll be crucial to scour every part of the cliff. List of mondstadt’s regional specialties and where to find them calla lily. Considering that mihoyo has revealed a venti banner rerun in update 1.4, it is obvious that players will be on the hunt for cecilia flowers to unlock the character's full potential in genshin impact.

The Interactive Map Below Shows The Exact Location Of Cecilia Flowers In Genshin Impact.

A flower that grows near water sources. There are a total of 13 cecilia flowers in the wild. Cecilia is used as an ascension material for venti and albedo and you will need about 168 for each of them.

Firstly, You Can Buy Some From The Flower Vendor In Monstadt.

However, if players use the interactive map. The game has already generated over $100 million and has been likened to breath of the wild. Genshin impact has become a smash hit since it left beta in september 2020.

One Thing To Keep In Mind While Harvesting Cecilia Flowers Is That They All Grow On The Edge Of Cliffs Or Near Protruding Rocks.

Additionally, the following npcs give cecilias after following certain dialogue branches for the first time: Teleport to the midsummer courtyard and aim to climb the peek of the starsnatch cliff. How to unlock cecilia garden in genshin impact.

Here Is Where To Find And Get Cecilia Over The World Of Teyvat In Genshin Impacti Reply To Every Comment!

When you first arrive at cecilia garden, it's going to look like the other ruins scattered throughout the game. In the center of the ruins, there will be a locked wind node. How to unlock cecilia garden.

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