Who Killed Lucas In Dying Light 2 Stay Human Answered

Who Killed Lucas In Dying Light 2 Stay Human Answered. Hakon was hired to kill lucas (image via youtube/wow quests) dying light 2 leans heavily into its theme of choice and consequence. By agreeing to help one person, players could be condemning.

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One of the many optional side quests within dying light 2: This requires us to follow damien’s orders and head to a specific location. Dying light 2 follows the story of aiden, a pilgrim who has travelled the outside world looking for someone he knew as a child.

Aiden's Journey Takes Him To The City Of Villedor.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…. But you don’t have to make much extra effort to get an answer to the question since you need to just move on through the quest and the answer will appear by itself. But if you want to learn the answer right away, then keep reading our guide!

Techland) If You Decide To Help Hakon, Aiden Will Quite Carelessly Rip Out The Crossbow Bolt From Hakon’s Shoulder.

Quests are a gameplay element featured in dying light 2 stay human. The hatch will be guarded by a relatively big group of infected. A complete main quest walkthrough and guide for assassination in dying light 2 stay human.

After The Windmill Blows Up, Your Character Will Meet With Hakonam In The Hideout.

You can see dying light 2 who killed lucas scene following this video guide. To get rid of them quickly, go up the platform right by the hatch and. Who killed lucas dying light 2.

Lucas Is In The Dying Light 2 Stay Human Gameplay Trailer.

A detailed walkthrough of dying light 2 stay human: But you can agree to help him instead of leaving him to die anyway. At the end of revolution.

By Agreeing To Help One Person, Players Could Be Condemning.

Lucas was a character in dying light 2 stay human. How to get firearms in dying light 2: Hakon killed lucas in dying light 2.

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