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BELAGAVI: When noted artist Shirish Deshpande opened a box containing toned milk packets recently, he was surprised to see ‘a not for sale’ label on them. The milk packets were meant to be distributed free of cost to Anganwadis by the Andhra Pradesh government under the YSR Sampoorna Poshana Scheme. He wondered how this ‘milky way’ happened.

 Deshpande purchases a box comprising 20 toned milk packets of Nandini Trupti (having a shelf life of six months) brand once in a week from a milk distributing agent. Each milk packet is 500 ml. But on October 28, he received the box of milk packets, which had a different brand name ‘Vijaya Vajra’. The box was sealed with the brand name Nandini of KMF.

The label on the packet states ‘Not for sale’  

Speaking to The New Sunday Express, Deshpande said he had approached the milk distributing agent who had delivered the box and showed the packet. “The agent too was surprised and said that he would inform the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) authorities,” he said.

Deshpande then decided to try the new brand of milk and when he checked the packet, he found a label which stated ‘Exclusive supply under YSR Sampoorna Poshana and not for sale’. That is when he contacted this newspaper and a few of his friends.

When contacted, Ubedullah Khan, Managing Director, KMF’s Belagavi Cooperative Milk Producers Societies Union Limited,  said that the Vijaya Vajra brand of toned milk is a production of KMF which is supplied to Andra Pradesh. He said that the boxes are kept separately and sent to that state whenever required.

Khan said that it could be that by mistake some boxes of Vijaya Vajra must have got mixed with the boxes of toned milk packets which are distributed in Belagavi. “I will conduct an inquiry into this,”  he said.

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